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MILD Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese, Queso Maduro (libra)

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This Farmhouse Cheddar Cheese (mild) is aged for 3 months using the techniques taught by an international Cheese master here in Ecuador.  He made the rounds at all the local dairy farms, showing them how to make proper Cheddar cheese.  We've partnered with 4 of the farms to commercially produce this wonderful product.

Only the finest raw cow's milk is used in the production of this cheese, free of rBST, anti-biotics, and additives.  The quality of the milk is also dependent on what the animals are fed and how they are treated, and as such, the milk that goes into our Farmhouse Cheese comes from livestock that is humanely treated and where only the best dairy practices are employed.

Lastly... in order to ensure consistent quality and taste, only the freshest milk is used, and the raw milk is sourced from local dairy's in close proximity to the cheese factory (up to 50 miles).  It is then VAT processed at the factory.

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